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It's kind of sad how disproportionate things are online. I was actually just having a convo about how if some bunch of aliens were monitoring our news/internet/communications, they'd think Earth was the worst place to live ever because all people ever talk about is the shitty things that happen.

Naturally what do I do: I perpetuate this by only posting in my LJ when I'm upset about something. 8)

But nahhhh. Things are never as bad as they seem, media is just a good way of getting those frustrations out. I'm sure I could write a paper on it if I really wanted to.

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I need a job, but there's not guarantee that won't just give me more headaches. At least I'll have money, I guess.

Things that are actually good: I'm drawing again. I almost have 100% completion in BBS. (why does Aqua level so slowly compared to the other two whyyy) I've been sewing a lot lately and I might actually (gasp!) have a costume done ahead of time...

Eh that's all I can think of right now. Back to job hunting it is.
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So yeah I'm consolidating everything, but old art dumps are over here for the curious.

I think it's sort of funny that when everyone was first excited for Birth by Sleep, and all of it was still speculation, Terra became my internet nickname. Now I'm Enzel, which is a long story. But then when I played the game I found myself feeling more of a connection to Ven and Aqua.

Terra is adorable, though, I love him. Derp on forever, kid.

Missing some stuff here because it's on my other comp, but. And some might be repeats from DA/my old comm because my organizational skills are terrible.

(NSFW is marked with **. Not necessarily nudity [I've never really drawn full nudity, honestly] but sketchy/implied mostly. Still something you don't wanna look at with your mom hanging over your shoulder.)

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...whew. This is why I need to not put things off.

let's try this again; RP INFO
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Other muses/journals in comments.

old stuff and links
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Emo crap aside. Pretty much everything I do from here on: art, icons, etc, is all gonna be on this because I'm going to start actually using tags. /fails forever


Anything else: PM me. I don't check my email that often. This goes for my y!gallery, because I don't really wanna link to that atm. Though if you're already a member, it shouldn't be too hard to find me if you stalk the Leon/Cloud and Tales clubs.


my old journal
old writing and fics
quotes and other dumb stuff
icons and sketchdumps
My old DA
My old DA for yaoi, etc
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Moved from sakurabatou.

Yes I've been playing BbS why do you ask.


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